How to upload photos, videos and gifs

You can upload images, videos, or gifs on both our iOS app and web dashboard. You can add up to 9 files at a time. If your file sizes are large, we recommend uploading a few at a time. Also, make sure you keep the app open so your files can properly sync with the web dashboard. We recommend keeping the app running in the background and do not close it. We've optimized the iOS app so it will not drain your battery. 


iOS- Tap on add icon (+) - middle bottom › Select Source › Select Media › Tap Upload


FYI: You can preview images, videos, and gifs on the scheduler page by tapping on the image thumbnail. You can swap out images as well. 

App - Tap on media › Tap Thumbnail › Tap on swap icon (upper right) › Select Source  › Select Photo › Tap App › Tap Upload



Our Android app is currently only able to upload photos 1 at a time.

Click on add icon > select the source you want to upload from > select the photo you want > click on open


Web Dashboard - Click on Add New Media › Select Upload Source › Select media (video, photo, gif) › Click Open