Enabling Auto Post and Restrictions

Auto posting from Planoly is now available for Instagram Business profiles! You'll have to switch to the Business Profile on the Instagram app if you haven't already.

Instagram Business Profile Setup
If you need to set up your Instagram Business Profile, follow the steps below:

Instagram App
1)  In Instagram, go to your profile page and tap on the gear icon.
2) Scroll to and tap on Switch to Business Profile.
3) Tap continue to select the Facebook Page you'd like to associate with your Business Profile on Instagram with.

Facebook Auto Post Authorization Setup
Once you activated your Instagram Business Profile, you can now authorize Planoly to directly post to Instagram for you. Follow the steps below:

Web Dashboard (www.planoly.com/login)
1) Go to your Profile Page (www.planoly.com/user/profile) and scroll the the MANAGED ACCOUNTS section.
2) Click on auto post on the Instagram account you want to directly publish posts to Instagram.
3) Follow the steps to give Planoly permission to automatically post on your behalf via the Facebook Authorization pop-up window.
4) Turn on Enable Direct Instagram Publishing for Planoly to automatically post your content to Instagram.

Instagram Auto Post Restrictions
Instagram has strict requirements on what can be auto posted, which Planoly has no control over.

Content Restrictions
Please review Instagram's restrictions on auto posting: Auto-Posting to Instagram FAQ
* Most Portrait/Landscape images do not qualify for IG direct publishing.
* - Crop them more into a square, and they should be eligible for auto posting.
Multi-Carousel, and Stories do not auto post as well.

Previous posts scheduled before you enabled auto post will not directly publish to Instagram. You can simply go back to those scheduled posts and adjust the time +/- 1 minute for auto post to be enabled.


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