Facebook | Constant FB Re-Authenticating

Planoly is an official partner of Instagram and it's safe to use our platform. It is safe to link your Instagram account to Planoly!

There are a few reasons why you will constantly be asked to re-authenticate your Facebook token

Non-Official Instagram Approved Apps/Tools
If you are using 3rd party apps that are not official partners of Instagram - this may cause Instagram to flag your account. This is because it's against Instagram's guidelines to allow non-trusted apps to access user accounts. This is to keep your private information safe.

We do recommend that you confirm the linked app/tool is an official partner of Instagram, meaning it is safe to use their app, and Instagram will not permanently ban or penalize your account.

You can try to re-authenticate again afterward, but if you are still having issues, we recommend to contact Instagram to see how they can further assist you.