PLAN Grid | Add Missing Posts to PLAN Grid

Some Instagram posts, such as Promoted Content, Copyrighted Flagged Content, or IGTV content on Instagram will not appear on your PLAN grid or Analytics Dashboard. This occurs because the post is not displaying within Instagram's API.

Import the missing post to your PLAN grid if it's not appearing:

  1. Go to your Instagram Page via
  2. Click on the specific post that is not appearing in Planoly
  3. In the post preview pop-up, click on the 3 dots, and click on Copy Link
    Click on the 3 dots

    Click on Copy Link

  4. Go to your PLANOLY PLAN Dashboard and click on Add To Grid
    Click on Add To Grid

  5. Click on Instagram Shareable Link, and paste in your Copy Link (from step 3)
    Instagram Shareable Link

    Copy Link

  6. Toggle the save as missing grid element on (peach) to add the missing post to your PLAN grid