Billing | Re-Activate Expired Plans

Re-Activate your Planoly Paid Plan
If your plan has expired, you can re-activate your paid PLANOLY plan by going to the PLANOLY Billing Page on a computer web browser to re-activate your plan.

PLANOLY Web Dashboard

mceclip0.pngClick on Activate Now

PLANOLY Billing Page

Click on Change to re-activate your paid plan


Downgrading to Planoly's Free Plan
Free Plans only allows 1 Social Account and 1 User to be linked.

If you want to downgrade to the free plan, please go to the PLANOLY Web Dashboard and sign in to your account. A popup will display for you to downgrade to the Free plan.

When you're ready to jump back on a paid plan, visit your Billing Page and select the plan that's best for you!

*Note If you are downgrading your plan to Free but have more than one Instagram accounts and/or team members, you must remove them first before switching to the free plan.

  1. Instagram Handle (click UNLINK to remove)
  2. Users (click UNLINK to remove)

This can be done by going to your Profile Page.