iTunes | View In-App Subscription

Whenever an in-app subscription is made via PLANOLY's iOS app, the transaction is entirely handled by Apple. In cases like this - there may be a slight delay with Apple sending PLANOLY a confirmation that the subscription is active.

Check In-App Subscription Status
Here is how to check if your in-app subscription has renewed. Visit your iTunes Manage Subscriptions page to see if PLANOLY is still listed as an active subscription.

If you do not see PLANOLY listed, that means the subscription did not activate or renew.
We recommend to subscribing to a paid plan directly via PLANOLY'S Web Dashboard (Billing Page), to avoid any issues.

If you do see PLANOLY listed as an active subscription and your plan is still showing as expired, take a screenshot of your iTunes Manage Subscriptions, where PLANOLY is listed and forward the screenshot and your PLANOLY email address to


Review and Print/Save In-App Subscription Receipts
Since your PLANOLY subscription was via iTunes Subscription, all in-app subscriptions and access to receipts are handled directly by Apple.

To view this information, check Apple's article here: See your purchase history in the App Store or iTunes Store