Auto Post | Auto Posted Content Is Not Posting

Instagram automatically detects if certain apps or tools are added to a user's profile. When they detect something that is not whitelisted by them, they take specific action against the account. 

We suggest checking the official Instagram Partners directory list to see if any app or tool linked to your Instagram account is not listed. If it is not, you should contact the app/tool you are using and let them know there seems to be an issue with your Instagram profile. Usually, removing any access they have linked to your IG account will resolve this issue.

If there are any apps that should not be linked, make sure they are removed. You may need to change the IG password as well first, and then try to authenticate the Facebook Business Page with PLANOLY again.

These tools include:
- Tools that automatically gives you likes/comments/followers
- Can access your data
- Links used in the Instagram Profile

While manual processes will still work (such as manual posting from PLANOLY to Instagram), an automated process that requires Instagram's approval (without the user involved - such as auto-posting) will be disabled for the account. 


We are official Instagram Partners and use their official API. All logins and authentications that we use are through Instagram and Facebook's Graph API, and as an official marketing partner of Instagram and Facebook, we have to follow and abide by their rules and guidelines. Thus, we do not have or store any of our users' login information or put them at risk of having their sensitive information compromised.