Analytics Web Dashboard for Instagram

PLANOLY's analytics feature allows you to review content performance to inform your future strategic planning.

With PLANOLY Analyze, you can view your overall engagement rates, view Instagram post likes, reach, impressions, saves, and much more. You can choose a specific timeframe from a calendar drop-down menu to view analytics and data for the desired date range or select a week, month, or year view for a quick overview.

Access your Analytics: 

1. Sign in to your PLANOLY account 

2. Select ANALYZE

3. Choose a timeframe on the right-hand side

  • Week, Month, or Year


4. Select refresh

Export Your Data 

  • Another update within PLANOLY Analyze is the Export CSV tool.
  • With the Export CSV tool, you can choose between exporting a CSV file of the following analytics: Overview, Audience, Engagement, Post Media, or Story Media.
  • This type of file is ideal for anyone who prefers to analyze their own performance metrics or format their own reports based on their metrics.