If there are any apps that should not be linked, make sure they are removed. You may also need to change your IG password and then try to authenticate the Facebook Business Page with PLANOLY again.

These tools include:
- Tools that automatically gives you likes/comments/followers
- Can access your data
- Links used in the Instagram Profile

Note: While manual processes will still work (such as manual posting from PLANOLY to Instagram), an automated process that requires Instagram's approval (without the user involved - such as auto-posting or gathering analytics) will be disabled for the account. 

We are official Instagram Partners and use their official API. All logins and authentications used by PLANOLY are through Instagram and Facebook's Graph API and, as an official marketing partner of Instagram and Facebook, we have to follow and abide by their rules and guidelines. Thus, we do not have or store any of our users' login information or put them at risk of having their sensitive information compromised.

Why Isn’t My Content Auto-Posting?

This may be due to a number of reasons.

  1. You haven’t enabled auto-post. Follow the steps below:
    – Open the PLANOLY app on your mobile device.
    – Tap on the More Options icon (three dots, bottom right).
    – Tap on the Enable Auto-Post banner.
    – Log in with the Facebook account that manages the linked FB Page.
    – Repeat the steps above for each Instagram account to enable auto-post.
  2. Facebook has expired your authorization token. You’ll need to re-authenticate your account.
  3. Your post doesn’t meet the auto-post restrictions set by Instagram. If this is the issue, you’ll get a red error message when scheduling viewable just under the scheduled time and date. You can check if your images are set to auto-post by locating the white paper airplane in the top left corner of the image’s thumbnail when looking at your grid.

For more, here’s our step-by-step guide on enabling and scheduling to auto-post on PLANOLY mobile or web.