1. Getting Started
  2. Auto-Post Troubleshooting

Auto-Posted Content Is Not Posting

If you're having trouble auto-posting your content, there may be a few different reasons why. Let’s break them down.

PLANOLY is an official Instagram Partners and use their official API. This is great because being a partner of Instagram helps assist in growing the success of businesses of all sizes on the platform -- simply by supplementing and simplifying Instagram's marketing features that are already in place.
All logins and authentications used by PLANOLY are through Instagram and Facebook's Graph API and, as an official marketing partner of Instagram and Facebook, we have to follow and abide by their rules and guidelines. Thus, we do not have or store any of our users' login information or put them at risk of having their sensitive information compromised. 

PLANOLY Pro Tip: In order to enable auto-posting, you'll need to be an Instagram business account connected to a Facebook page. 


Why Isn’t My Content Auto-Posting?

You haven’t enabled auto-post.
  • Open the PLANOLY app on your mobile device.
  • Tap on the Profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Under the Activity tab click Let's Do It

    Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 11.47.59 AM
  • Select Instagram Business.
  • Authenticate with Facebook.
  • Enter in your Facebook credentials.
  • Continue
  • If all of your settings are set up properly to activate auto-post then your PLANOLY profile picture will sync with your Instagram profile picture and you will now see the image below stating that you have successfully linked.
The Instagram profile may not be connected to the appropriate Facebook page: 
  • Please follow the steps below to double-check your settings:
  1. On a mobile device, open the Instagram App
  2. Go to your Profile Page
  3. Tap on Edit Profile
  4. Under Public Business Information make sure you see the correct Facebook page listed
  5. Tap on the Facebook Business Page
  6. Tap on Change or Create Page
  7. Check if the Business Page is selected (blue checkmark/circle) with no error messages 

Facebook has expired your authorization token:

  •  You’ll need to re-authenticate your Instagram or Facebook account to grant PLANOLY permission to auto-post.
  • The Facebook Business Page must be authenticated with PLANOLY to enable this feature.

Your post doesn’t meet the auto-post guidelines and restrictions set by Instagram:

  • You're receiving a red error message when scheduling posts or your auto-posts are failing.
  • You can check if your images are set to auto-post by locating the white paper airplane in the top left corner of the image’s thumbnail when looking at your grid.

You have an unrecognized link, tool, or app within your Instagram profile: 

Instagram automatically detects if certain apps or tools are added to a user's profile. When they detect something that is not whitelisted by them, they take specific action against the account. 
We suggest checking the official Instagram Partners directory list to see if any app or tool linked to your Instagram account is not listed. If it is not listed, you should contact the app/tool that you are using and let them know there seems to be an issue with your Instagram profile. Usually, removing any access they have linked to your IG account will resolve this issue.

If there are any apps that should not be linked, make sure they are removed. You may also need to change your IG password and then try to authenticate the Facebook Business Page with PLANOLY again.

These tools include:

  • Tools that automatically gives you likes/comments/followers
  • Can access your data
  • Links used in the Instagram Profile

You are not a Business account on Instagram:

The caption was too long:

  • Character Limit: 2,000 Characters*
  • Hashtag Limit: 30 Hashtags*
  • User Tagging: 10 Users*
  • Social Networks: Instagram only
  • Combined total Hashtags between Caption and First Comment: 30

Unexpected Error: 

  • Facebook API issue, try manually posting your content or re-schedule your auto-post for a different time. 

#10 Application does not have permission for this action:

  • Instagram or Facebook is not receiving the access it needs to post. So, you will need to ensure your permissions to the account are allowed (make sure all blue toggles are on below). To check your permissions, follow these steps.