How to Auto-Post to Your Facebook Business Page

With PLANOLY, you can upload, plan, and schedule content to auto-post to your Facebook Business Page when you auto-post to your Instagram Business Account.

Instagram Requirement: The Instagram account linked must be set as an Instagram Business Account, and PLANOLY must be linked to a Facebook Business Page. Check out our Help Guide on How to Activate Auto-Post for your Instagram Business account if you find yourself stuck. 

How to Auto-Post to Your Facebook Business Page

  1. When your content is ready to schedule, you’ll see an option to automatically post to Facebook
  2. Make sure the auto-post to Facebook toggle is on in order to schedule your desired date and time
  3. Select a date and time
  4. Your content will automatically post to your Facebook Business Page (as long as it meets all of the feature and image requirements here)

PLANOLY Pro Tip: You can also edit the image and caption for your Facebook and Twitter auto-posts. To learn more about this, visit our blog post: PLANOLY Edit & Share: Customize Content for Each Channel

What Are the Feature Limitations with Auto-Posting to Facebook?


  • Only paid plans can access this premium feature
  • Only posts from your Instagram account will be shared to the connected Facebook Business Page
  • Posting directly to the Facebook Business page alone is not available -- the post MUST be directly published (Auto Posted) to the Instagram account in order for your post to be directly published (Auto Posted) to the Facebook Business Page
  • Posting to Facebook groups is not available
  • Location tags will auto-post to your Facebook Business Page

Content Limitations:

  • JPEG, PNG, BMP, and non-animated GIFs must be within the 4:5 to 1:91:1 ratio
  • File Size: 100MB maximum
  • File Type: MOV or MP4
  • Frame Rate: 23-60 frames per second (slow-motion videos are typically 120 or 240 FPS)
  • Picture Size: Width of video HD (1920 pixel width)
  • No vertical or portrait-mode videos
  • Duration: 3 seconds minimum – 60 seconds maximum

Not Eligible

  • User tags 
  • Instagram stories
  • Multi-image (carousel) posts
  • Shopping tags
  • Branded content tag
  • URLs in captions