How to Auto-Post to Facebook

Auto-posting Instagram Content to Facebook

How to Auto-Post to Facebook

  1. When your content is ready to schedule, you’ll see an option to automatically post to Facebook.
  2. Make sure the Auto-Post to Facebook toggle is on in order to schedule your desired date and time.
  3. Your content will automatically post to Facebook (as long as it meets all of the feature and image requirements).
  4. Click to add an image. 
  5. You can now also edit the image + caption for your Facebook and Twitter auto-posts.

Required to publish directly to Facebook:

  • The Instagram account must be set as a Business Account, and PLANOLY must be linked to a Facebook Business Page.

 Tagged location and/or user(s) in the IG post:

  • Location tag will also post to Facebook.
  • User tags will not post to Facebook.

Content limitations:

  • Images
    • JPEG, PNG, BMP, and non-animated GIFs must be within 4:5 to 1:91:1 ratio.
  • Videos
    • File Size: 100MB maximum
    • File Type: MOV or MP4
    • Frame Rate: 23-60 frames per second (slow-motion videos are typically 120 or 240 FPS)
    • Picture Size: Width of video HD (1920 pixel width)
    • No vertical or portrait-mode videos.
    • Duration: 3 seconds minimum – 60 seconds maximum

    Not available with auto-posting to Facebook:

    • Stories
    • Multi-Image Posts
    • Drafts
    • Shopping or User Tags
    • Branded content tag
    • Filters
    • URLs in captions