• Instagram Accounts: 1
  • Total Users: 1
  • Analytics: 1 Month
  • Comments: Latest 5 Posts
  • Media: Images Only
  • Uploads: 30 (not scheduled posts) per month, resets the 1st of each month. Uploads counts as:
    - Anything added to the Grid
    - Placeholders
    - Swapping Images (for placeholders and/or existing content)
    - Cropping Content already Uploaded
    - Items added to the grid from Discover Dashboard

    Note: Deletions do not subtract from your upload limit

To View Uploads Remaining for a Free Plan

  1. Go to the PLANOLY Billing Page
  2. Under BILLING INFORMATION, view the Upload Count Remaining

NOTE: Only available for Paid Plans

Upgrade to a Paid Plan
Click here: Billing Upgrade and select the plan that’s best for you.