How to Upgrade to one of our Custom Plans on a Web Dashboard

Here's how to upgrade your plan to add additional users or social media profiles on a Custom PLANOLY Plan

PLANOLY Pro Tip: Custom Plans are only available for purchase via a web dashboard and are not available on mobile with Apple's in-app subscriptions. To add or remove social profiles or users on a custom PLANOLY plan you must do so via PLANOY Web Dashboard.
  1. Go to  PLANOLY Billing
  2. In the BILLING INFORMATION box, click on Change/Upgrade
  3. Custom  Select Plan

4. Select either Bill Yearly or Bill Monthly plan

5. Choose the total number of Users or Social Profiles you would like to have on to your plan by clicking on the (+) or (-) signs

6. Input Payment Information if needed, and click PAY NOW


7. You're all set!