Replying to Comments

If you have enabled PLANOLY's Comment feature, you can view and reply back to comments users have written on your posts.


Please Note: The number of posts you can access is dependent on your plan type…. Each plan type has a certain number of posts you can access.  To view our different plan types pricing page


1. Go to your PLANOLY Web Dashboard and click on COMMENTS.
At a glance, we show you the time, date, caption, and number of likes and comments for each post.

2. Click on a post to view comments from your followers.

3. Click on REPLY next to the username to reply back to that user. Click ENTER to send.

Note: The reply will be threaded in that comment

4. You can view comments by ALL, STARRED, or NEW.

PLANOLY Pro-Tip: You can use our starring feature for many different purposes! For instance,  you can star all comments that still need a reply... or any that is a question or suggestion from a follower.


5. To star a comment, click on the star in the right-hand corner


That’s a wrap! You now have an overview of Comments on PLANOLY’s web dashboard.

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