Create and Upload Draft Content

How to use the Drafts feature on PLANOLY

We recommend using our DRAFTS feature to upload images or videos you may want to use in the future. Upload media into a DRAFT folder where you can still arrange and edit posts. Draft Folders can be created for your Plan Grid or Stories Grid

To create a Draft Folder:
Go to your  and click on DRAFTSmceclip0.png

If no Draft Folder exists yet, the option to create one will appear.

Upload content by Dragging and Dropping onto the Dashboard, or click on ADD to DRAFTS

There are two ways to transfer posts to the PLAN grid

Option #1: Hover over a Draft Folder, and click on

Option #2: Hover and select individual posts and click on MOVE TO GRID
Note The option to move an individual post to other Draft Folders is available as well.