Only available for paid plans
1st Comment Publishing will not display for posts directly published to Facebook.


How to Auto-Post First Comments to Instagram Using PLANOLY

  1. Go to your PLANOLY mobile app or web dashboard.
  2. When scheduling a post, you can use the First Comment feature by clicking on the speech bubble icon (located in the schedule action bar)
  3. You’ll see a text box slide in, where you can add your comment (up to 2,000 characters, ten mentions, and 30 hashtags). Note: You can select your previously saved hashtag groups.
  4. Add your comment, and click ‘Save.’ Your hashtags or mentions will automatically be posted into the first comment of your Instagram post! Easy as can be.

*PLANOLY Tip: You can also copy the first comment from the History view (mobile apps only). When you move the item from History to Grid, the first comment will be copied over!

PLANOLY Requirements

Only premium PLANOLY plans and subscriptions have access to the first comments feature. (Help Choosing a Plan)

Instagram Requirements

  • The Instagram Profile must be set to a Business Profile.
  • The Facebook Business Page must be authenticated with PLANOLY to enable this feature.

First Comment Publishing Option