How to Auto-Post to Twitter

With PLANOLY, you can upload, plan, and schedule your tweets to directly publish to Twitter when you auto-post to your Instagram Business or Creator Account. 

Enable Auto-Post for Twitter on PLANOLY's Web Dashboard

  1. Go to your Profile Page
  2. Scroll down to Managed Social Profiles
  3. Under the Twitter Auto Post row, click on Activate for the Social Media Profile you want to enable auto-post for.
  4. Log in with a specific Twitter account.
  5. Auto-Post to Twitter is now enabled. 

    Guidelines and Limitations:

    • Premium Feature: Only available on paid plans
    • Twitter profile must be linked to an Instagram Business or Creator Profile
    • Content must also have auto-post to Instagram enabled, for each post that will also be shared to Twitter
    • Only single images and videos can be auto-posted to Twitter
    • For more information about specific media requirements for Twitter, click here
    • Only the first 280 characters in the caption will be added to the Twitter post

    Please Note: 

    • If content fails to auto-post to Instagram, it also will not auto-post to Twitter. You will receive a push notification alerting you to manually post the content to specific Social Media platforms.
    • If content successfully publishes to Instagram but fails to post on Twitter, you will receive a push notification alerting you to manually post the content to Twitter.
    • If your Twitter token expires, the toggle to enable auto-post to Twitter will be turned off (grey). Click on the toggle to re-authenticate your Twitter credentials and permission to auto-post using PLANOLY.
    • To remove access to Twitter on PLANOLY, log into your account on the web dashboard and un-toggle auto-post in the My Profile section. 

    Additional Resources: Check out our blog post here: PLANOLY Edit & Share: Customize Content for Each Channel