How to Edit Content on Planoly

Editing content within the Multi-Channel Workspace enables you to make edits to the content you are scheduling in a more streamlined way. Learn more about how it works!

How to Edit Content from the Web Dashboard 

  1. Log into your account and switch into the Multi-Channel Workspace 
  2. At the top, click on New Post
  3. Choose which social accounts you want to post this to from the top (we chose just Instagram in this example because that's the only account we have linked)
  4. From the box at the bottom, add your media by selecting where you'd like to upload it from
  5. Once your media is uploaded, to edit an image or video, select the image/video uploaded and click on the edit icon 
  6. From this screen, you can start editing your content with all of the edit options on the left panel  
  7. If you are editing a video, you will see similar options to edit, but they are specific to video editing 
  8. To export your edited image/video, in the top right corner, click on Export Images/Video
  9. Once you are done editing, go ahead and click on Save to save all of your changes 
  10. You will then see your newly edited content in your post
  11. Make sure to add all of your post details such as caption, hashtags, etc. 
  12. From there, you can either Save Draft or click on Schedule to schedule your post
  13. You have now successfully edited content in Planoly! 

Please Note: Once you have saved an edit, you cannot undo it. Editing is only available through our Multi-Channel Workspace. 

What Are the Limitations of Editing on Planoly?

Included Features

  • Static images 

    • Preset aspect ratios + custom options 

    • UI Type: Image Default UI
  • Videos

    • Preset video lengths + custom options 

    • UI Type: Video UI 
  • All content types 
  • Stitching videos together

  • Remove sound from videos 

  • Available on web (mobile coming soon!)

Features Not Included

  • Remove watermarks