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How to Invite and Tag Collaborators

It's time to bring some flair to your collaborations with Planoly! Whether you're teaming up with fellow creatives, brands, or friends, we've got the ultimate guide to make inviting and tagging your Collaborators a blast. Let's dive in!

Collaborator Tagging

How to invite and tag Collaborators in a post

1. Log into your Planoly account on Web

2. Navigate to your Multi-channel Workspace

3. Open an existing post or create a new post 

4. Click on Users & Collaborators at the bottom

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 12.11.23 PM

5. Type in the username of the Collaborator or User you want to tag and press Enter

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 12.12.10 PM

6. You can view the User's IG profile by clicking the arrow or removing them from the tagged list by clicking the X

7. Click Save Tags

To note: 

  • You can tag up to 3 Collaborators in a piece of media

  • Collaborators must accept their Collaborator tag from their Instagram DMs

  • Accounts must be public

  • Stories are not available at this time


Currently Collaborator Tagging is only available on Web in the Multi-channel Workspace