How to Link and Auto-Post to TikTok on the Multi-Channel Workspace

Personal & Business Accounts are eligible to Auto-Post to TikTok from PLANOLY in our Video Planning Workspace.

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  1. Create an account with PLANOLY
  2. Link your TikTok account during onboarding

Existing Users without a TikTok Linked - Link TikTok Account from Account Switcher

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click on the account switcher where you currently see your Instagram and/or Pinterest account
  3. Add TikTok account
  4. Link TikTok

PLANOLY Pro Tip: We recommend logging in using your username and password in order to successfully link your TikTok account. Other methods that TikTok provides for logging in may not be supported.

Existing Users with a TikTok Linked: Re-Authorize TikTok Account to Enable Auto-Post

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click on the account switcher where you currently see your social profiles
  3. Fix Now
  4. Re-sign into TikTok to fix the connection

How to Auto-Post to TikTok

Once your  TikTok account is linked:

1. Click “+ NEW POST” to upload a video

2. Add Video

3. Select a date and time to schedule Auto-Post OR if manually posting, schedule a reminder notification

4. Draft your caption

5. Add a sound URL if manually posting 

6. Save

After you’ve saved your post, it will be scheduled to go live on the date & time you selected. Plus, you’ll receive a notification from the PLANOLY mobile app on that day and time to confirm that the content has been published.

Please Note: This feature is currently only available on web (mobile app coming soon!)

TikTok Supported Media Types and Size Limits

  • The audio-video content must be contained in .mp4, .mov, or .webm format
  • The maximum video size is 1 GB
  • The minimum video duration must be 3 seconds, and the maximum video duration is 60 seconds
  • The minimum height and minimum width of the video must be 360 pixels
  • The minimum frame rate of the video must be 23 FPS, and the maximum frame rate is 60 FPS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What accounts can auto-post to TikTok?
    • Personal and Business accounts are eligible for auto-posting to TikTok.
  • Is TikTok auto-posting available on mobile and the web?
    • TikTok auto-posting is currently only available on the web dashboard. The mobile app capabilities will be launched in the upcoming weeks.
  • Are there feature limitations when auto-posting to TikTok?
    • Yes, due to TikTok limitations, we are unable to support the following:
      • Applying overlay text

      • Applying stickers

      • Applying filters

      • Music: Searching or applying trending audio is also unavailable

        Only original audio is supported, so any trending sounds must be added to the video beforehand to automatically publish the post or you can select the Publish Manually option to add sound in TikTok using push notifications

  • Can I auto-post a sound URL with my video?

    • Sound URLs are not included in auto-posting. The video must contain any sounds needed for publishing. 

  • Can I customize auto-posting for other platforms in the video planning workspace?
    • If you want to auto-post to TikTok, you cannot customize it for other platforms (For now). If you want to schedule to other platforms, you'll need to re-upload the video as a separate post and customize it for those channels.

  • Can I disable comments, stitches, or duets when scheduling?

    • Not at this time.

  • Can I specify a cover photo?

    • Not at this time.