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  2. How to Link and Auto-Post to Every Channel

How to Link and Auto-Post to X (formerly Twitter)

Auto-Posting to X is available in our Multi-Channel Workspace on the web dashboard and mobile app.

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How to Link to X 

Multi-Channel Workspace

  1. Log into your account on the web
  2. From the account switcher at the top, switch into your Multi-Channel Workspace
  3. From the icons at the top, click on the X icon to link your account
  4. A pop-up will show up and from there, click on Link X from the bottom  
  5. Follow the flow to get linked 
  6. Once you are linked, you should see the screen below showing you successfully linked
  7. From there, you can confirm it was linked by seeing it show up in your social icons at the top

How to Auto-Post to X from the Web Dashboard

Multi-Channel Workspace

  1. Log into your Planoly on the web dashboard
  2. Switch into your Multi-Channel Workspace or create a new Multi-Channel Workspace if you do not already have one set up
  3. Click on the calendar icon on the left and click on New Post
  4. Select X from the icons at the top and choose Auto-Post from the dropdownScreenshot 2024-03-04 at 11.17.28 AM
  5. Create your caption, add hashtags, etc. 
  6. Select either a date you want to auto-post
  7. Once complete, choose Schedule at the top
  8. Now, you should see your post scheduled on your grid!  

What Are the Feature Limitations with Auto-Posting to X?

Included Features

  • X accounts cannot be in multiple workspaces
  • Auto-Post to X 
    • Text

    • Up to 4 images

    • Video

    • GIF

    • Post / Tweet

Please Note: You cannot sign in to X using a third party (e.g. Google sign-in). You will have to set a password and use that.

Features Not Included

  • Location tagging

  • Longer Tweets for X Blue Subscribers

  • X Analytics

  • Threaded Posts

Guidelines and Limitations

  • Only the first 280 characters in the caption will be added to the X post