How to Plan Your Instagram Grid

Within the Multi-Channel Workspace of each social set is a view to help you focus on your Instagram grid. In this view, you can visually plan the order in which your posts go out to ensure your feed grid and reels grid meet your brand aesthetic.

In this article, we’ll show you how to view your drafted & scheduled Instagram posts and manage them to ensure your grid looks just how you like.

How to Rearrange Posts on Instagram

Multi-Channel Workspace

  1. Log into the Multi-Channel Workspace 
  2. Click the Instagram icon above your posts shown below
  3. This will display your drafted and scheduled Instagram posts, as well as the last 18 posts currently on Instagram for both your grid and Reels posts.
  4. When looking at your Instagram grid, you can rearrange the order of your draft and scheduled posts
  5. When you click/press and hold a post AND the status is draft or scheduled, you can drag the post around the grid. You cannot rearrange your completed posts (posts from Instagram). *Please note: If you drag a post in between two scheduled posts, you will see a reschedule popup asking you to choose a time to schedule your post this helps to ensure that the posts will publish in the correct order.  
  6. Adding a date to a draft will keep it as a draft. Be sure to schedule the post, with auto-post enabled, to have it publish successfully.   
  7. After that, you should be all set! 

How to Edit a Post, Change the Date, or Create a Copy 

  1. When you log into the Multi-Channel Workspace, you will see your Instagram grid show up as long as you have an Instagram linked to the Multi-Channel Workspace 
  2. Hover over an image and click on the meatball menu at the bottom 
  3. You will see the options pop up for Edit Post, Change Date, Create a Copy, and Delete
  4. Select the correct option and you will be able to take next steps in making changes to your post

How to Delete a Post from your IG Grid

  1. From the Multi-Channel Workspace, you can only delete drafts and scheduled posts. Click on the post you wish to delete and select the meatball menu at the bottom of the post. You will see the option to Delete the post pop up. 
  2. Once you click on Delete, you will see a pop up in red named Delete Post. Click on that to remove your post from your Planoly IG grid. 
  3. You will no longer see the post on your IG grid in Planoly. 

Please Note: Once a post has been deleted from your Planoly IG grid, there is no way to get it back unless you reupload it.