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  2. Auto-Post Troubleshooting

How to Re-Authorize a Broken Connection

Lost your connection with your social accounts to Planoly? We've got you covered with step-by-step instructions below.

In order for Planoly to access your social profiles, it requires access tokens that authorize Planoly to Auto-Post on your behalf.  Access tokens are provided by the social media network when you connect your social profiles through an industry-standard process called OAuth.

Reasons Why Access Tokens Might Expire

  • Updated social profile credentials (i.e. password, username, etc.)

  • Explicit lifespans of an access token 

  • Planoly losing permissions to publish such as revoked permission settings or connected profile no longer has Admin access

  • Social media platform updates

How to Re-Authorize a Broken Connection

  1. Log into your Planoly account on a computer web browser
  2. From the account switcher at the top, click on Add & Edit Social Connections
  3. Click on the social profile that needs to be re-authenticated and you will see the option to reauthorize the account
  4. Click on Reauthorize Account 
  5. A popup will show asking you to choose which profile type your Instagram is, either Business or Creator 
  6. Choose Yes when it asks if you have created a Facebook Business page for your account as this is a Facebook requirement. Please Note: You must have a FB Business page set up for this account, otherwise Instagram will not allow you to link.
  7. Follow the steps and make sure to toggle on ALL Instagram accounts, ALL Facebook Business pages, and ALL Business Integrations
  8. After that, you should see that the account was connected and you are done!