How to Setup Sellit Payments

You've set up your shop, now we'll show you how to get paid.

  1. Log into your Planoly account on the web dashboard.
  2. Switch into your Instagram Planner.
  3. Tap on Sellit/Linkit Tab.
  4. Choose Products.
  5. Click the payments tab on the left side of your web dashboard screen in Sellit. Here, you’ll see a button to START ACCEPTING PAYMENTS TODAY!
  6. Click on Start accepting payments. By setting up with Stripe, your customers can directly check out with just one click.
  7. Acknowledge that you’ve read the Restricted and Prohibited goods and services list.
  8. Connect your Existing Account or Create a Brand New Account. This will only pop up after you have checked the box after reading the Restricted and Prohibited goods and services list.
  9. Follow through the Stripe account creation process to complete. You will be redirected to their website. You can also Add Shipping Settings and Tax Settings within this step.