How to Use the PLANOLY Splitter Tool

How do some Instagram users use multiple posts to showcase more on their grid? Well, we found it to be challenging to do it right so we created a splitter tool on PLANOLY.


Note: This tool is currently available on Mobile only for images.

How to Use the Splitter Tool:

Step 1: Select your images to upload onto the PLANOLY app on your phone. Tap ADD. Before you tap UPLOAD, you'll see a grey square grid (SPLIT ICON) on the bottom right corner of the image (the icon to the left of the multi-post icon). Tap on SPLIT ICON to see 6 different splitting options.

Step 2: Play around with the 6 splitting options to see which style you prefer by tapping on each!

Step 3: Move the image around slightly before splitting in order to get each tile perfect.

Step 4: Once you've found your perfect split, tap SPLIT on the bottom of your screen.

Step 5: Tap OK, and you'll see a preview of your split grid images!

Step 6: Tap on UPLOAD and your split images will be moved to your PLANOLY grid where you can plan and schedule them out! If your images are lower than our recommended image resolution, you will review a WARNING screen in case you'd like to adjust your imagery! Upload additional imagery or tap on OK, Don't Remind Me Again, or Cancel.

PLANOLY PRO TIP: Before committing to a specific split style, we recommend experimenting with a few different options to test out the flow of your images. Make sure your images are hi-resolution too, so it doesn't become pixelated after the split.