How to Access Captions with the Caption Kit

If you're having trouble with captions, you can purchase a caption kit for a one-time cost of $39. This kit will be delivered via email and does not require a paid plan.

How to use the Caption Kit

    1. Purchase a caption kit here.
    2. You will receive a PDF with 200 Instagram captions that you can fully edit and customize for your brand via email.

    3. When you open the PDF, the first page links several categories of goals to help guide you to the relevant section of captions. Click the appropriate goal for your post to head to its section and browse through caption options.

    4. Edit the placeholders in the caption you select to fit the post you're creating. Feel free to edit anything as this is now YOUR resource.

    5. Copy and paste your finalized caption into the caption section of your post in PLANOLY like this:
Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 12.04.33 PM