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  2. Learning the Basics

How to Check Profile Type & Switch to an Instagram Business or Creator Account

Unlock the Full Potential: Elevate Your Experience with an Instagram Business or Creator Profile!

1- How to Check Your Instagram Profile Type

Advantages of Upgrading to a Business or Creator Profile:

  • Auto-posting Instagram content from Planoly

Please Note: Auto-publishing Instagram Stories is exclusively available for Business profiles, not Creator profiles.

  • Tag locations, collaborators, and/or users in their posts 
  • Instagram business accounts can
    • Utilize analytics within our Instagram Planner
    • Manage and reply to comments within our Instagram Planner

Switch to an Instagram Business or Creator Profile:

  1. Open the Instagram mobile app and navigate to your profile

  2. Click on Edit profile

  3. At the bottom, click Switch to professional account

  4. Click continue, select the category that fits your account and click done

  5. Next select if you are a Business or Creator and click next

  6. Review and edit contact info if needed

  7. If you have a Facebook Business page created, you can log in to Facebook or skip and complete your Professional account

    If you would like to check your profile type on web, below is a video for how!

    Don't have a Facebook Page? 

    If you don’t have a Facebook Page yet, you’ll first need to create one. How to Create a Facebook Page

    Please Note: If you have your account set to Personal, you will need to switch to public in order to update to a Business account. 

    To activate auto-posting, you'll need to link with an Instagram Business or Creator account that is connected to a Facebook Business page and authenticate through Facebook.