Instagram Product Tagging Feature

We're so excited to announce that you can now tag products in PLANOLY from your Instagram shop.

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Where to start? How to set up Instagram shopping?

Feel free to check out our Help Guide: Here on how to get started!

Eligibility to utilize Instagram Shopping in PLANOLY:

  • Web and mobile 
  • Premium feature (must be on a paid plan)
  • Must be an Instagram business account (not eligible for a creator or personal accounts)
  • Must have approved Instagram shop
  • Must have an admin role as the business manager that owns the Instagram shop
  • You can tag up to 5 products in a post
  • Supports single images, carousel posts, and videos (not reels)


How to tag products on your Instagram Posts:

1. Tap on a single post/video on your plan grid

2. Select the product tagging icon below:

If you do not have permissions set up, go ahead and follow the instructions: Here

Once you have permissions set up properly and your Instagram shop has been approved, you can start to tag products!

3. Tap on the post where you would like to tag your product

4. Search your catalog for the product

5. Select the product you would like to tag in your post

6. Add up to 5 products in your post and select done

Lastly, add your caption, hashtags, etc. then select a date/time and click Save