How to Customize Content Template Collections

Captions + customized grid posts are made easy with PLANOLY’s Social Template Collections. You’ll gain access to curated templates with the ability to personalize in minutes.


Click here for more information on our social template collections.

How Do I Personalize My Templates?

  1. From the web dashboard, navigate to the Collections tab (right above the calendar view)
  2. Click on the image you’d like to customize
  3. In the caption box of the image, locate the text that reads: “YOUR TEMPLATE URL BELOW
  4. Copy and paste the URL into your browser
  5. This will open your template in Canva (You own these templates so you are free to customize them any way you can imagine!)
  6. Whoo-hoo! You’re on your way to batching your next set of posts!

Please Note: You will need a free or paid PLANOLY account to gain access to your Collections. You also will need to have an Instagram account linked to PLANOLY

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