Cancel PLANOLY Subscription

Looking to downgrade to a Free plan or cancel your PLANOLY subscription? Follow the steps below:

    Web Dashboard Billing

    If you subscribed to PLANOLY via the Web Dashboard Billing Page follow these steps to cancel:

    1. Log into your PLANOLY account

    2. Select Billing from the right-hand cornerBilling Cancel

    3. Select Cancel

    Note* You will be on your current plan until the end of the billing cycle, which will not renew at the new billing cycle. Once your billing cycle is over, you can downgrade to the FREE plan on the PLANOLY web dashboard.

    iTunes Cancel In-App Subscription

    Since you subscribed through the Apple App Store, the subscription is handled entirely by Apple. Please visit your iTunes manage subscriptions page to cancel. Here is a direct link: iTunes Manage Subscriptions

    To cancel via mobile:

    1. Open Settings on your mobile device

    2. Search Subscriptions

    3. PLANOLY

    4. Cancel

    Check Your iTunes Subscription Status
    Here is how to check if your in-app subscription was successfully canceled. Visit your iTunes Manage Subscriptions page to view if PLANOLY is still listed as an active subscription.

    If you do not see PLANOLY listed, the in-app subscription has been successfully canceled.

    If you do see PLANOLY listed, the in-app subscription is still active. 


    Refund Request

    Refunds for in-app purchases can only be handled by Apple. Unfortunately, PLANOLY cannot handle any transactions made through Apple's in-app subscription process. Follow these instructions, to request a refund from Apple:

      Apple Support

      • Visit Apple’s Problem Reports Page
      • Log in with your Apple ID (the one you used in the app that subscribed to the plan)
      • Click on the Apps tab and you will see PLANOLY in the App Subscriptions
      • Select Report a Problem to the right of your purchase
      • Select the reason you want the refund
      • Fill in the Description, as appropriate
      • Click Submit

        If you cannot request a refund, you may need to contact Apple. Here's a direct link: Contact