Analytics & Metrics for Pin Planner

Review of your top 3 Key Pinterest Metrics below

Pinterest Metrics

You can view metrics on all published Pins over the last 7 days, 60 days, or 90 days, and sort between a view of all Pinsyour Pins created and saved by you, or other pins saved by others from your claimed accounts.

Understanding your Pinterest metrics is a vital part of making the most out of your Pinterest account. We’re going to dive into your top 3 Key Metrics below, and how to understand them.


  1. Impressions: Impressions show the events for all Pins with the same image and link to your claimed domain. (Analyzing your impressions will allow you to see which Pins are performing better than others.)
  2. Saves:  This metric allows for you to see the amount of times a specific Pin has been ‘saved’ by others as well as when a user on the platform “re-shares” or “re-Pins” content that has been created.
  3. Clicks: With link clicks, you can view the total number of times people on Pinterest have clicked through to the URL on your Pins.


Apart from Impressions, Saves, and Clicks, you can gain additional insights by switching over to a Business Account on Pinterest.

With a Pinterest Business Profile, you’ll be able to dive deeper into your analytics.

With a Pinterest Business Profile you'll have additional metric insights into the following:

Your Audience, Detailed Content Data, and Board Overviews. 

  • Audience metrics you’ll be able to see your total and engaged audience.
  • Detailed Content Data you’ll be able to see a detailed view on your Pins when it comes to impressions, saves, and clicks.
  • Board Overview you’ll be able to analyze your boards, view all-time Pins, and view all-time followers.