Snipfeed FAQ

Have questions about Snipfeed? Find answers to common questions about setup, guidelines, payments, and more. Maximize your earnings and enhance your content creation journey.

How many Snipfeed accounts can I have with the same email?

If you sign up directly through Snipfeed, you can only have 1. If you sign up through Planoly, you can have multiple accounts.

Does Snipfeed offer gift cards?

No, not at this time. 

Can a creator delete their account in Snipfeed?

No, we have to manually delete Snipfeed accounts on the backend. 

Can you sell physical products on Snipfeed?

You can add a link to an Etsy or Amazon store so you are able to facilitate the sale of physical goods.


Additional Information: For more information about Snipfeed, you can reach out to our support team here