1. Social Profiles and Linking

What is a social set?

A social set includes 1 Instagram account and 1 Pinterest account.

For Social Sets, each plan will come with a base level of sets. A set consists of 1 Instagram account and 1 Pinterest account. If you need to link 2 Instagram accounts, you will need 2 sets. Please note that all paid plans can be customized to add additional social sets and/or additonal users. 

The Instagram account can be linked to a Facebook account and Twitter account for cross-posting ability. If you have multiple brands or businesses with different social accounts, you'll need one set for each profile.


I have more than one Instagram account, can I link multiple social profiles to my PLANOLY account?

  • Yes! Each plan can be customized to add additional social sets. When purchasing or upgrading your plan, add additional social sets to your cart at checkout.

Which plan is best if I manage multiple accounts but only need 1 user?

  • Our Growth plan is most popular and allows you to unlock almost all features in PLANOLY. That said, you can always select a lower tier plan and add customize your plan by adding additional social sets.

How do I add 1 extra IG account? Can I swap 1 of my social accounts for an extra IG account instead of Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter?

  • Our platform allows you to cross-schedule across platforms, so you would need to purchase an additional social set to link a second Instagram account.

What do I do if I have more Instagram accounts and members on my team than the highest-tiered plan? 

  • All our plans are customizable. You can customize each plan by adding additional members and social sets at checkout.

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