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How to Update Your Timezone

All scheduling dates & times are based on your device's current timezone - both phone and computer.

Row 39 - How to Update Time Zone

To update your timezone on your mobile device or computer:

On Windows Devices

In Date & Time, you can choose to let Windows 10 set your time and time zone automatically, or you can set them manually.

To set your time and time zone in Windows 10, go to Start  > Settings  > Time & language > Date & Time.

Microsoft Requirement: Learn more about adjusting your Windows settings here

On Mac Devices

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Settings, click General  in the sidebar, then click Date & Time on the right. (You may need to scroll down)
  2. Turn on “Set time and date automatically,” click Set, then enter a network time server for your region
  3. Turn on “Set time zone automatically using your current location”

Mac Requirement: Learn more about adjusting your Mac settings here