Transform Your Cover Photos: A Fun Guide to Using Our Video Editor!

Step-by-Step Tips for Cover Photo Designs in the Multi-Channel Workspace

1. Log into your Planoly account the web dashboard

2. Switch into your Multi-Channel Workspace

3. New post

4. Select the social channels you'd like to upload content for

5. Upload a video

6. Tap on the video

7. Edit

8. Add page

9. Reduce down to 1.2 seconds 

10. Tap on the 3 dots

11. Move left

12. Click on images

13. + Add file

14. Select image

15. Once the image is loaded into the video editor, click on the image

16. Customize the image to suit your preferences

17. Export video

18. Save


Congratulations! You've just elevated your video with a fabulous cover photo. 

Please note: The editing tool to add a cover photo is exclusive to our Multi-Channel Workspace on web.