How to Plan, Customize, & Schedule Videos in Video Planner

We're excited to announce that you can now plan, customize, and schedule your video content for TikTok, Instagram Reels, Pinterest Idea Pins & YouTube Shorts all within our new Video Planner.

Customize by channel

Where to start? We've got you covered! 

1. Log into your account on on a web dashboard

2. Link a TikTok account

Please Note: If you're any questions regarding the plan type for Video Planner or how to link, feel free to check out this help guide: here

3. (+) New Video Post

4. Upload video

5.  What social profiles are available for:

Manual posting: TikTok, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, Pinterest Idea Pins

7. Select the social platform that you would like to schedule for 

8. Write out the caption for all or customize the caption for each social profile, and select the date/time

How to manually post through the PLANOLY app:

At the time and date scheduled for the reminder notification, you will receive a notification and be taken to the ready-to-post screen shown below:

From there, you can manually share the video across multiple platforms. 

By tapping the “copy & open” buttons for each platform, you can copy the content and import your video to each platform to finish publishing. 

You will also have the ability to mark the post as “complete” - by moving it to the completed tab in Video Planner.

Please Note: Customize by channel is only available right now on the web and iOS. Android 'ready to share' will be coming soon.


1. How do I manually post from PLANOLY to TikTok?

Check out this help guide: Here

2. Can I have the same caption for all?

Yes, you can have the same caption posted on all social platforms. If so, the caption count is limited to 100.

3.  Can I customize the caption for each social profile if I'm using the same video?

Yes, if you tap on the social icon and toggle on customize caption, you can write a separate caption for TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. 

4. What are the max caption limitations for each social profile?

TikTok: 500 character count

Instagram: 2200 character count

Youtube: 100-character count

Pinterest: 100-character count

5. If I want to schedule the same video across multiple platforms, can I select different dates/times?

No, if you select the same video for multiple platforms, the date/time will need to be the same. We currently do not have the capability to auto-post the same video at different times.