Planning | Creating Carousel Posts

Carousel Posts can be created on both the PLANOLY Web Dashboard and Mobile App (Android / iOS)

Carousel Post Guidelines

  • Up to 10 Media Items can be added to a Carousel Post
  • Carousel Posts are not eligible for auto-posting to Instagram or Facebook

Planoly Web Dashboard

  1. Go to your PLAN Dashboard on the PLANOLY Web Dashboard
  2. Above the grid, click on the Carousel icon

  3. Upload by SOURCE

  4. Drag and Drop order of the items (if needed), and click SAVEmceclip2.png

  5. Carousel posts will be indicated with a CAROUSEL ICONmceclip3.png

  6. Click on the Carousel Post thumbnail to edit
    - 1 | Media items displayed here can be dragged and dropped, or removed.
    - 2 | Click here to upload additional media items