What is Eligible for Auto-Posting to Instagram

  • Instagram Creator accounts
  • Instagram Business accounts
  • Single Image Grid Posts
  • Single Video Grid Posts 
  • Carousel Images (mobile + web) 
  • Single Image Story Posts (IG Business accounts)
  • Single Image Video Story Posts (IG Business accounts)
  • Auto-Posting Features:
    • User Tagging
    • Location Tagging
    • Product Tagging
    • First Comment
    • Reels
  • Advanced Analytics
  • User Tag Manager
  • Discover
    • Users
    • Hashtags

Planoly Requirement: Personal (free) plan users can only auto-post grid image posts, while paid users can auto-post images and video grid posts.

Please Note: Single video grid posts will also post as a Reel, and Reels will not post as a grid post.

What is Not Eligible for Auto-Posting to Instagram

  • Instagram Personal accounts 
  • Carousel Videos
  • Branded Content Tags
  • Filters

Image and Video Post Guidelines

Image Guidelines 

  • Size Limit: 8MB Maximum
  • File Formats Supported: JPEG, PNG, and BMP are eligible for auto-post 
  • Ratio Specifications: Within a 4:5 to 1.91:1 aspect ratio range Resolution
  • Minimum Resolution: 150x150 (lower resolutions will be scaled up to the minimum)
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920x1080 (higher resolutions will be scaled down to the maximum)
  • Tagging: User and Location Tagging

Please Note: 

  • 9:16 is the recommended aspect ratio for Stories auto-post

  • The caption will not be included when posting to Stories 

  • Notifications for the success and failure of Stories Auto-Post will be sent as long as these are set up prior: How To Enable Push Notifications (Mobile, Web & Email)

Video Guidelines

  • Size Limit: 1080px Height by 1920px Width
  • File Limit: 300MB Maximum
  • Type Extensions: MOV, MP4
  • Video Ratio Specifications: Within a 4:5 to 16:9 aspect ratio range
  • Duration: 3 seconds minimum - 60 seconds maximum (Instagram Planner only) OR 3 seconds minimum - 10 minutes maximum (for Reels in Multi-Channel Workspace)
  • Tagging: Location Tagging only (Instagram Planner only)