Creating your Sellit Shop

Learn how to create your digital storefront with PLANOLY’s Sellit

Getting Started and Getting Set-Up:

1. Log into your PLANOLY account

2. Click on the Sellit page at the top of your screen.

3. Hover over the left panel to view the four options: STORE tab, PRODUCTS tab, ANALYTICS tab, and PAYMENTS tab. 

Tip: Within the STORE tab view, you’ll be able to see your digital storefront at a glance

4. Add a description of your business. Click on +add description

This will take you to a new window to write a quick summary of your shop.

5. You can also customize your Sellit by showcasing a featured section, adding/removing the grid/product tabs, and select a button color.

Optional: When you click on ADD LINK, you have the option to customize the button name and include a URL for any website. This is optional! No website, no problem. That’s why we created sellit.