To access the discover feature, you must have a linked Instagram Business account to PLANOLY that’s authenticated with a Facebook business page. Creator and personal accounts cannot access the Discover feature at this time. Learn here how to check your Instagram profile type.

Limitations when searching by User Handle:

  • @ is not needed when searching Instagram handles
  • Auto-Complete for usernames will no longer populate in PLANOLY
    - The exact Instagram handle will have to be manually typed in.
  • Limitations set by Instagram:
    • Only Instagram Business and Creator Profiles will show up in searches
    • Private or Personal Instagram Handles will not display any post results back 

When searching by Hashtag:

  • # is not needed when searching for hashtags
  • Auto-Complete for hashtags will no longer populate in PLANOLY. The exact hashtag term will have to be manually typed in.
  • When searching by either username or hashtag, Instagram sends back the posts displayed in the search results. Not all tagged posts may appear.
  • Limitations set by Instagram:
    • Original Instagram Poster handle will not appear
    • Published dates will not appear
    • 30 Unique Hashtags can be searched for in a rolling 7 day period.
    • You'll need to acknowledge the Discover Content Guidelines below: