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How to Customize Content and Captions for Facebook

Creating content for each social media channel is different. That's why paid Planoly users can customize content and captions when sharing single and carousel posts to Facebook through Instagram Planner.

How to Customize Captions on Instagram Planner

  1. Log into your Planoly account
  2. On your Plan Tab, select the post you would like to edit
  3. Write your caption for Instagram
  4. Click on the pencil icon to customize your Facebook page caption and/or image
  5. If you need to change the image for Facebook, click on the swap icon in the bottom left-hand corner
  6. Select a Source, upload the new image, and then edit the caption
  7. Click the arrow icon next to Edit Facebook Post to go back to the main post
  8. Schedule a date to post, save it, and you will see it show up on your grid

You're all set! 

Planoly Pro Tip: You can also customize hashtags along with your captions for your different social profiles with our Hashtag Manager