How to Manually Post to any Social Channel in our Multi-Channel Workspace

If you do not want to auto-post your content, you can schedule a reminder to manually post to any social channel on our Multi-Channel Workspace at a date and time that you choose. This is available for all plans on the web dashboard & the mobile app.

How to Manually Post

  1. To manually post, at the scheduled time of your post, you will receive a mobile push notification (as long as you have these turned on via the mobile app) to whichever social channel you choose when scheduling your post. Tap on the notification to open your post details in the Planoly Mobile App.
  2. On the Ready to Share screen, your image/video, caption, and sound keywords (if you have them) will appear. Your video will be auto-downloaded to your camera roll for easy access. 
  3. Tap “Copy & Open [social channel name]” to copy your sound keywords or caption and open that social channel app to continue posting your video.
  4. After you have finished posting your content, tap Done on the Ready to Share screen.
  5. Planoly will ask whether you were able to publish your media or not. Select Yes to close your video post details, or No to stay on the Ready to Share screen and try again.

Please Note: When posting via Post Now or push notification, as soon as you click the link or notification, your post is removed from your grid and placed in your History (found in the menu on the mobile app). Once you post it, Instagram then sends the image back to your Planoly grid as a posted image.