How to Upload, Schedule, and Post Carousel Posts on PLANOLY

You can plan and schedule carousel posts on both the mobile app and web dashboard and manually post through our mobile app via push notifications. You can now also auto-post carousels to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How to Upload Carousel Posts (web or mobile)

  1. On either the web dashboard or mobile app, click on the '+' to upload your content to your grid
  2. Select your content to upload
  3. Choose Upload as Carousel
  4. From your grid, open up your carousel to add your caption
  5. Choose a time and date you want your auto-post to send out OR click on Post Now to post it right away 
  6. If you chose to schedule your post for later, make sure to click on Save

PLANOLY Pro Tip: When posting via Post Now or push notification, as soon as you click the link or notification, your image is removed from your grid and placed in your History (found in the menu on the mobile app). Once you post it, Instagram then sends the image back to your PLANOLY grid as a posted image.


How to Create Carousel Posts from Single Posts on the PLANOLY Web Dashboard

   1. Go to your PLAN Dashboard on the PLANOLY Web Dashboard

   2. Select the single post images that you would like to Merge into a Carousel Post and click Merge


     3. Click MergeMerge & Save

    4. The single image posts have now been merged into a Carousel Post

    5. You can schedule your carousel for auto-post or post it right away!

    6. If a caption is present on any posts, they will be combined as well


Please Note: Once you merge content, this action cannot be undone

Carousel Post Guidelines:

  • Carousel Posts are now eligible for auto-posting via our mobile app and web dashboard for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Below are some limitations or you can read more about Instagram Guidelines and Limitations.

    • Up to 10 Media Items can be added to a Carousel Post
    • Videos not supported at this time
    • Size Limit: 8MB Maximum
    • Image Types: BMP, JPEG, PNG
    • Ratio Specs: Within a 4:5 to 1.91:1 aspect ratio range.
    • All images require to be the same size as the first image on the carousel.
    • Share to FB and Twitter (Via web dashboard) but no customization/edit capability. Can only share Carousels with up to 4 images to Twitter due to limitations of the platform.
    • Limitations: Cannot post videos, tag users & location at the moment

PLANOLY Pro Tip: Instagram does not support tagging users or locations on Carousel posts outside of Instagram. If you wish to have users and a location-tagged on your post, this will need to be added once it’s published and live on Instagram.


How to Create, Schedule, and Manually Post your Carousel Post from PLANOLY to Instagram via Push Notifications



1. Select the date '+' time and click Save

2. The blue 'S' here indicates that this post is set to be manually posted via PLANOLY’s

push notification through our mobile app

3. To turn on your push notifications, tap on the profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner

4. Select Settings

5. Scroll down until you see Notifications

6. Toggle on ALL options and then click Save


PLANOLY Pro Tip: You can also utilize the 'Post Now' feature on your mobile device if you wish to post immediately. A friendly reminder, the 'Post Now' feature is not currently available on the web dashboard.

Why are my Stories not auto-posting to Instagram? 

Although PLANOLY is an official Instagram partner, the company still sets certain limitations on what the platform can or cannot do.  Among those current limitations are auto-posting Stories posts. Unfortunately, we have no control over this issue at the time. But if and when Instagram lifts those restrictions, we’ll be the first to offer that feature! For now, you can auto-post single images and videos, tag users/locations, and first comments. 

Am I allowed to auto-post Carousels to Instagram?

Yes, we now have the ability to auto-post carousels to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on our mobile app and web dashboard! Auto-post is only available on Instagram at this time for posts with up to 10 images and only 4 images for Twitter.