Seamless Sharing: Elevate Your Content with Planoly-to-Snipfeed Auto-Posting

Sync, Share, Shine: The Ultimate Planoly-Snipfeed Collaboration! Step into the realm of seamless posting as Planoly and Snipfeed team up. Unveil the secrets to effortlessly sharing your content across platforms and watch your online presence sparkle.

Feature on Snipfeed Banner

Step 1: 

Before we get started, do you have a Snipfeed account?

No, let's get you signed up! 

  • Follow our help guide here with visuals and step by step instructions. 

Yes, let's make sure you have social feeds enabled! 

  • Log into your Snipfeed account here 
  • Go to the My Page section
  • (+) Build your page and add a new block
  • Add Social Feed
  • Select either your TikTok feed or Instagram feed
  • Continue

Step 2: 

  • Switch back over to Planoly and go to your Multi-Channel Workspace
  • (+) New Post
  • Select your Instagram or TikTok social channel to begin scheduling
  • Add your media, caption, and select date/time to auto-post
  • Tap on Feature on Snipfeed

  • Add a title 

Please Note: the Snipfeed social feed title doesn't display anywhere it is just meta data for SEO

  • Add URL
    • You may optionally add the URL of the destination you'd like to drive traffic to, such as your blog, appointment scheduler, eCommerce site, or any other relevant link.
  • Schedule auto-post

You're all set! ✨ When your post goes live, you will be able to successfully see the content go live on your Snipfeed page as well!