How to Link Your Social Channels to Planoly and Which Ones are Eligible for Auto-Post?

Planoly supports linking and auto-posting to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Amazon, Threads & X (formerly Twitter). Use the matrix below to understand which channels are eligible for auto-posting with Planoly.

Link Your Social Channels - july 2024 update

Not Auto-Post Eligible

  • Creator Instagram accounts cannot auto-post stories
  • TikTok carousels

Please Note: Each social channel has different steps and requirements for linking and auto-posting. To get started with auto-posting, you will first need to visit your Social Sets Manager

From the Social Sets Manager page, you will then be able to start linking all of your accounts. Depending on which plan you are on, you will be able to link some or all social channels. You can learn more about our paid plans here

How to Link a Social Channels on Planoly

  1. Log into your Planoly account on a computer web browser 
  2. From the top dropdown account switcher, click on Add & Edit Social Connections and this will take you to the Social Sets Manager page
  3. Click on any social channel to link your account and follow the prompts to link. To be eligible to auto-post on Instagram and Facebook, you must be an IG Business or Creator account and have a linked FB Business page. 
  4. Once you are properly linked, you will see the social icon show up in color
  5. You are all linked!