Planoly: Product Updates

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  • 5/20: Update to Notification management center
    • Summary: Our Notifications center has been updated to manage Multi-Channel Workspace and Instagram Planner notifications
    • Link to our help guide
  • 5/15: Auto-post First Comment (Multi-Channel Workspace)
    • Summary: In the Multi-Channel Workspace, we have integrated the First Comment feature allowing users to now leave first comments and hashtags for their posts. Web and Mobile
    • Link to our help guide
  • 5/15: User Tagging in Teamwork (Multi-Channel Workspace)
    • Summary: Users have the ability to tag or @mention Team Members when leaving comments in the Teamwork comment box. Those Team Members will be directly notified via email. Web and Mobile
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  • 5/15: Don't Clear Media
    • Summary: When you upload media in the Multi-channel workspace for a new post, if you initially select Reel, upload your media, but then decide to change it to story, you will be prompted to keep the media or discard.
  • 5/7: Snipfeed x Planoly access (Multi-Channel Workspace) 
    • Summary: Planoly has seamlessly integrated Snipfeed, allowing users to link their Snipfeed accounts to Planoly. This integration makes accessing Planoly from Snipfeed easy. Plus, signing up for Snipfeed through Planoly grants a 30% discount. Stay tuned for more exciting features!

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  • 4/9: User Tagging (Multi-Channel Workspace)
    • Summary: Our User Tag Manager simplifies the process of generating user tags and user tag groups for your grid posts when scheduling. It's conveniently accessible to all users via both the Web Dashboard and Mobile App for our Instagram Planner and Multi-Channel Workspace. 
    • Link to our help guide 
  • 4/9: Teamwork (Multi-Channel Workspace)  
    • Summary: Prepare to boost your team's collaboration with our Teamwork feature. Bid farewell to solo endeavors and cumbersome spreadsheets, and welcome our tool enabling seamless teamwork directly within Planoly. 
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  • 3/4: Longer videos
    • TikTok video length can now be up to 10 minutes (Multi-Channel Workspace)
    • Facebook video length can now be up to 10 minutes (Multi-Channel Workspace)
    • Instagram Reels length can now be up to 15 minutes (Multi-Channel Workspace)
  • 3/4: Auto-Post dropdown feature (Multi-Channel Workspace)