PLANOLY's New Free Plan: The Personal Plan

PLANOLY offers a FREE Plan in addition to our paid plans

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Personal Plan

Cost: Free

  • Total Social Profiles: 1
    • Instagram OR Pinterest 
  • Total Users: 1
  • Analytics: 1 Month
  • Comments: Latest 5 posts
  • Media: Images only
  • Uploads: 30 uploads (not scheduled posts) to PLANOLY per month, resets the 1st of each month.
    • Uploads count as:
      • Anything added to the Grid
      • Placeholders
      • Swapping Images (for placeholders and/or existing content)
      • Cropping Content already Uploaded
      • Items added to the grid from Discover Dashboard 

PLANOLY Pro Tip: Images that you delete will also count towards your 30 uploads per month. 

To View Uploads Remaining for a Personal Plan

  1. Log into your PLANOLY account
  2. Click '+ Add to Grid' 
  3. View Grid Uploads Remaining 

If you have questions about your current Free plan, please reach out to our Support team here.

Please Note: The Following Features are Only Available for Paid Plans

For more information about our paid plans, click here. If you're looking to upgrade, head on over to the Billing page to upgrade to a paid plan and select the plan that’s best for you.