How to Link Your Instagram Personal Account

If linking through the Facebook log-in is not working, you can still link your Instagram profile in an alternative way. Some features (such as auto-posting) won't be set up, but you can still upload, plan and schedule your content.


Link an Instagram Personal Account

  1. On a computer web browser, go to and make sure you are logged out
  2. Log into your Planoly account on web
  3. Click on this link: Link via Instagram Login
  4. Link via the Personal Profile option
  5. Log in with the Instagram username and password (even if you are a Creator or Business account) - make sure to use the @IGhandle login information and not the e-mail or number so that it will link straight to the proper account!
  6. You should be linked to Planoly!

Now that you are linked as a Personal IG account, you will be able to start planning and scheduling your content to be manually posted. Here is how to manually post through Planoly.