How to Link Your Instagram Personal Account to PLANOLY

If linking through the Facebook log-in is not working, you can still link your Instagram profile in an alternative way. Some features (such as auto-posting) won't be set up, but you can still upload, plan and schedule your content.

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To Link Your Instagram Personal Account

  1. On a computer web browser, go to and make sure you are logged out
  2. Log into your PLANOLY Web Dashboard
  3. Click on this link: Link via Instagram Login
  4. Link via the Personal Profile option
  5. Log in with the Instagram username and password (even if you are a Creator or Business account) - make sure to use the @IGhandle login information and not the e-mail or number so that it will link straight to the proper account!
  6. You should be linked to PLANOLY!

Please Note: If you do wish to auto-post on PLANOLY, you must be an Instagram Business or Creator account and link an associated Facebook Business page that you can link to PLANOLY. You can find out more about auto-post here