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Auto-Post Set-Up: Step 3

Step 3: How To Check Facebook Business Integrations Settings

Once your Instagram account and Facebook Page settings are properly connected, let’s check your Facebook Page Integration settings to enable or re-set your connection between PLANOLY and Instagram in order to Auto-post:

1. Log into Facebook on a computer web browser
2. Select Settings & Privacy > Settings from the top right dropdown arrow
3. Click Business Integrations from the left side menu
Biz integrations
4. Select PLANOLY -> View and Edit
5. Ensure all toggles are on to grant PLANOLY proper permissions.
business integrations toggles

​PLANOLY Pro-Tip:  All permissions must be granted to PLANOLY in order to successfully auto-post. 

6. Now, you can try refreshing your PLANOLY web dashboard or mobile app and attempt to authenticate to unlock Auto-Post again! 

Note: If you’re still experiencing issues, click here to Step 4 (last step!) to learn how to revoke and re-enable your PLANOLY permissions on your Instagram and Facebook settings in order to unlock Auto-Post. 

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