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How to Set Up Auto-Post for Instagram - Step 2

Do you have full control over the Facebook Business Page you're trying to connect on Facebook? If not, go ahead and follow these steps to make sure you do so you are eligible to auto-post on Planoly.

In order to successfully link your Instagram Business account to your Facebook Business Page, you must have Full Control of the Facebook Business Page. Also, a Facebook Business Page can only be linked to one Instagram Business Account. In this case, you can not have one Facebook Business Page linked to multiple Instagram Business Accounts. 

Please Note: Personal Instagram accounts are not eligible for auto-posting.

Planoly Pro Tip: If you do not have Full Control, on the Facebook Business Page, ask the page owner to add you or change your role/access for you to auto-post and enable additional Planoly features! 

Confirm You Have Full Control of the Facebook Page 

  1. Log into your Facebook account on a computer web browser
  2. In the top right corner, click on your profile icon dropdown and choose Meta Business Suite
  3. From there, you will be taken into Meta Business Suite. In the bottom left corner, click on Settings
  4. You should see your Facebook page(s) show up. Once you see the correct Facebook page, click on it. 
  5. From the top options, click on Page Access
  6. This will open up a screen where you will be able to toggle on the Everything option. Be sure to click Save if you haven't already. By selecting this option, you will be given full access to the Facebook page. To remove access, click on the Remove Access button at the bottom. 
  7. You are all set! 

Please Note: If you have FB access with full control of a Page in the New Pages Experience, you can manage people’s FB access to the Page. Learn more about access in the new Pages experience. For more assistance on how Facebook Page Roles work, click here.

Next, Check to See if you have Instagram Accounts Access 

  1. Log into your Facebook account and navigate to Meta Business Suite 
  2. Click on People on the top left and then click on Invite people from the top right
  3. Enter the correct email address of the person you are inviting to the Facebook Business page and click Next at the bottom of the window  
  4. Make sure you have the toggle for Full Access turned on and click Save
  5. From here, type in the correct Facebook/Instagram page that you want to give access to and select all that apply and choose Confirm selection
  6. If you scroll down, go ahead and toggle on the Full control access (there are two sections where you will toggle this on)
  7. Once you can confirm the person you are inviting is showing on this screen and has full control of the Facebook page, click on Send invitation 
  8. Next, you will see that your invitation was sent. After that, you can click Done.
  9. And you will now see that the person you invited has full control

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